About Us

Dec My Room Creates Healing Places for Long Term Patients



It began at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston, when mother-daughter duo, Susan and Kendall Plank, were asked to do something for JB, a family member's friend who was scheduled to be admitted to the hospital for at least 3 weeks, away from his family and friends in Austin, TX.

Susan and Kendall decided they wanted to do something to make JB's stay more comfortable. They learned that JB's interests were all things Texas Longhorn, and the Planks shopped around town to customize a comforting, colorful, cozy burnt oranged colored room for JB.

Susan and Kendall soon dec'd JB's room while he was away receiving treatment. From floor to ceiling, it was dec'd out in all things Texas Longhorn. (This did cause a little controversy at home since husband/father Mike Plank is an Aggie grad from Texas A&M University, rivaling UT.)

JB and his mother were very surprised when they entered his hospital room, seeing the room transformed from a typical drab, white room to a colorful, burnt orange room that specifically spoke to JB's personal likes and interests - all from strangers who cared enough to create a healing place for him.

The Child Life Specialist brought in Susan and Kendall to meet JB who showed them how thankful he was by giving them both a big hug with tears in his eyes.

As Susan and Kendall were leaving the hospital, Kendall told her mom how great it would be if they could decorate rooms for all long term patients in hospitals. Susan agreed, and that is how Dec My Room began!

Since 2007, Dec My Room has used volunteers who are trained and background checked to be involved in the dec'ing process. Volunteers shop based on the personal likes and interests of each individual patient we serve - at all hospitals around the country. We've found that these customized healing places change the patient's affect and well being, and thus all who enter their hospital rooms - from family members, to hospital staff and medical personnel. It truly blesses everyone.