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Houston, TX

720 North Post Oak Rd., Suite 275
Houston, Texas 77024
Phone: (832) 538-1201
Fax: (832) 538-1203

Susan Plank, President & Founder

Courtney Barta, VP of Finance & Director of Affiliates

Ashleigh LaBure, Coordinator of Special Events

Kristin Daniel, Coordinator of Special Events

Kendall Plank, Founding Visionary 


Chapter Affiliates and Area Directors


Austin, TX

Kelly Hicks & Patrick Tooker

Chattanooga, TN

Lauren Dray
Phone: (423) 903-4242


Cleveland, OH

Rebecca Davis
Phone: (615) 916-1331


Dallas & Ft. Worth - North Texas

Heather Smith
Phone: (972) 816-6167



Rebecca Davis
Phone: (615) 916-1331


Los Angeles, CA

Andy Fox
Phone: (818) 216-6734


New Jersey, NY

Alma Russo
Phone: (732) 740-5885


Oklahoma City, OK

Trish Sexton
Phone: (405) 808-3969


San Francisco, CA

Lindsay Holt
Phone: (415) 233-1711

Laura Curran 


For Chapters without a localized Area Director, please contact Courtney Barta at